Are you like one of my good friend George who feels like creating a high-quality post, or writing a blog post that retains visitors on your blog are meant for professional writers or experts? I remember the first time I talked to my friend George about starting a money making blog. He was like, “Really” can I actually blog when am not a good writer and I don’t know how to carry out my research.
My simple answer to him was, you don’t have to be a good writer to begin writing a blog post or creating compelling articles that your actual readers will love. article writing, how to write a blog post, writing an article

All you have to do is to hack your way in the smart article writing Art.
Yes, Article writing is an Art that anyone who really wants to succeed and make a headway from their blog business most learns.
We most have all heard from the mouth of many gurus out there that ” Content is King”. That’s the actual truth, without a compelling or high-quality article on your blog, you won’t be able to retain or create engagement with your visitor’s and surely you most always start to have a very high bounce rate.

  • Ask Questions

To begin writing an article that compels the reader or visitor to spend more time on your blog, you have to ask yourself some crucial questions in other to understand your readers better.
Questions like;
– who are my ideal readers, get to know them and understand their needs that need solutions.
– what are they really in need of?
– what are the problems faced by this group of people?
By finding answers to the questions above will help you to figure out who your actual readers are and how to serve them better with a high-quality compelling blog post.

Really you are writing to humans with problems, who are looking for solutions from someone who they can trust. Someone who feels what the feel, someone who has had the same experience like they do and have overcome the challenges that they can learn from. So if you can position yourself as that person they are looking for, you will surely attract this group of people. They will surely find you. It’s a personal thing in the sense that, people are reading blog post of people who have had the problems they are having now and have overcome the problems, not because they want to be educated about the topic if not they will go to those hardcore sites to get themselves well stuffed with really core Info’s.

  • Make Your Research

So as I said earlier on about hacking your way in the smart article writing Art. I will show you how to smartly start writing an article that will position you to that person your ideal readers are looking for in some few lines even though you don’t know anything about the topic or the niche.

Firstly, all you have to do when writing an article that you have little to no knowledge about is to first sneak at your competitors to see what they are doing and how they are doing it. Find out their most popular post and take note of their writing style. I don’t mean you have to write like them, but its to enable you to have an idea of how to channel your post and enable you to find out the trending articles topics that will fetch you immediate success.
There are some tools that will assist you to pick the top post of your competitors in that niche.

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One great tool I use is BUZZSUMO. Once you type in the domains of your competitors site into the buzz some search bar, it will bring out the top 10 most popular topics of your competitors. All you do is to read through it, make sure you take note of their writing style as I mentioned earlier and just rewrite what you learn in your own words and understanding, adding your own spices to it like adding some coked story trying to show the experience you or a friend of yours had and how you treated the issues of the topic.

  • Study your Competitors on Social Media

Also look for several other competitors and sign up to their email newsletters, when you get a latest up in an important topic, read through it, understand the topic, change the subject headline and rewrite the blog articles.

The second method I use to write an article for my blog post is by making use of FACEBOOK. Facebook is a goldmine for marketers and for carrying out research if you know how to utilize it properly. You can get to learn more about your competitors, their activities and how the post contents on Facebook. By using Facebook Audience insights, here is how to locate your facebook insight-:  ( Facebook—- Manage Ads —– Audience insights).

Now the next thing you do once you’ve located your audience insight is to search for your competitor’s website that you got from Buzzsumo. Note I said the search for the website notes the topics you got, just the primary domain in the interest tab. If they have large followers, you will find out there but if they don’t, look for other related websites in your niche who have large followers.

All you have to do is to dive deep into your competitor’s  pages to study the activities that they do like the kind of audience they have, the post that got more likes, most share, and comments.

  • Search for Related Questions on Quora

Another great place is Quora. Quora is a very resourceful website where you can get topics ideas and the answers that people have drop concerning that particular topic. Watch the video below to better understand how it works.

All you have to do is to visit Quora and type in the topics into the search bar, it will bring you several topics and their answers. That will give you an Edge and advantage over others.

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Another great tool that I use sometimes is called “ANSWER THE PUBLIC”. This is the website that people all around the world comes to ask questions about problems in a different niche.

Just go to and type in your topic, it will bring out various questions of that topic. All you do is to pick the questions that you are more knowledgeable about and start to write a blog post.

So as you can see, writing an article for your blog is not a skyrocket thing. If you know how to go about it properly, it won’t be a great deal for you. So I believe that with the tips outlined above, you can create a compelling blog post that will keep readers coming back for more.

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