Talking about how to use Newsletter to grow your blog traffic is a subject matter that must be taken very serious if you want your online business to stand and survive for the long term. Newsletter is a very important part of your online business especially when growing blog traffic; it stands as a lifeblood to your blog. In fact without setting up a Newsletter on your blog, it then means that you are just joking with your online business. It’s just like pouring water into a basket and expecting result in the long run.How to use Newsletter to grow your blog traffic

Before we forge ahead, let’s first have a clear understanding of what a Newsletter is for the newbies that may just be hearing this for the first time.

Newsletter also known as Email list is a software installed on a blog or website in form of a form so that when visitors lands on your blog either via search engines, social media or referral when they come to your blog. After spending some few minutes on your blog, they will see this beautiful eye catching or attention grabbing web form on your blog asking them to submit their email address, names and phones numbers to get something in return. It may be giving them a free eBook that solves a certain problem, or just telling them to enter their names and email address to be the first to get the latest update from your blog. Once they enter all the necessary details they’re being asked to, this software will capture the information they just entered and save it for future marketing follow up.

With a well implemented Newsletter or email list, your blog traffic will grow suddenly and you will always get what is called a returned traffic from your email list.

Here are few tips that will help you use Newsletter to grow your blog traffic.

  • Use good email marketing software to grow your list.

For me, I use GetResponse email software. Though, you may spend few Dollars for the subscription but I think it’s worth it. Use this link to grab GetResponse’ 30 days free trial now. (You’ll love it!)

  • Include an opt-in form after each blog post.

By including an opt-in form after each blog post, you are giving all the visitors that land on your blog the opportunity and chance to see your Newsletter form and enter their required details, thereby increasing your online real estate which is your email list and also increasing your blog traffic. As many prominent online gurus always puts it is that “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST” which is 100% truth.

  • Always Promote Your Newsletter To the Major Social Media.

It’s important for every online business to have a social media presence in all the major social media platform. Make it a point of duty to regularly promote your newsletter on social media with any methods you want to use, either paid or free traffic generation methods.

The more you promote your newsletter, the more you will get email list subscribers who are ready to take any action you recommend them to that is after you most have builds trust with them.

Note: Do not abuse your email list by sending them valueless contents, promotions or sales pitch that has no value to help solve their problem.

  • Run Contest and Giveaways.

People naturally like free stuff, its in their nature. Who don’t like a free stuff, for sure everyone wants a free stuff that will make them save some bucks you know. Create a free giveaway that you know people will love, it may not necessary be monetary something, you can create a contest or giveaway from your product or the service you render, people don’t care as long as its free, you will see the amount of people that will drop their details just to get the free stuff.

Create a contest and offer a free trial, free service or free product — and to be entered into the contest require that the individual subscribes to your newsletter and shares the contest on Twitter or Facebook. So you gain a new subscriber and you also get additional exposure across social media, which can potentially attract more subscribers and more social promoters. The right contest can become viral quickly, delivering a huge influx of email subscribers.

  • Use An Exit-Intent Pop up Offer.

There are some people that no matter how you place your newsletter form on your blog, they will still never see it. So by setting an exit-intent popup offer, which works like this.

When a visitor lands on your blog, spend some time and is about to take their cursor away from the browser bar, a form will popup telling them that before the leave, they should do so, so, so and so. This can of opt-in form converts very well.

  • Create A Twitter Lead Generation Cards.

This is one of my favorite ways to build highly targeted email lists for our clients. Twitter lead generation cards allow you to create an offer and collect email addresses in a single click. What’s the best part? You know the email address is valid because. Twitter passes the email address that the user has confirmed and uses in his or her profile.

Having a well properly implemented and Newsletter is a must for any blog or online business that want to live to see the light of the day. Newsletter  builds a loyal base subscribers, which leads to returned traffic. Once you earn their trust, you can sell anything or have them take any action the will earn you money.

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