I know you are interested in learning how to blog and eager to design and run your own blog and start earning. I remember the day I started blogging, I do not know anything about starting a blog, where to start and what tools to use.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find the best answers to any of my questions about blogging. But I didn’t give up the passion to blog. With lots of trial and errors, I finally found a way out. But don’t worry, you don’t need to attend any special school to learn how to blog. I’ve learnt it, so you will learn it here for free.

Starting a Blog in 7 Easy Steps with Ipage

Let me share with you some of the tips on how you can create a blog easily on WordPress. Firstly, you need to understand what blog is. Blog is a site on the internet where you can share a topic with huge number of internet users worldwide.

The topic can be anything and everything so long as there is interest in the topic. Besides sharing information, you may treat it as web diary which you can access and update anywhere anytime. But of course you need the URL and password.

Step by step on how to create WordPress blog and Make money:

Firstly, you need to find a reliable web hosting company. There are numerous web hosting companies you can choose that offers free services and quite reliable. It will be good to select well known provider to save you from unnecessary problems in near future. Though, I highly recommend Ipage Hosting company because of their reliability and it’s cost effective.

Step #1

First and Foremost, use this link to grab their $1.99 hosting package where you’ll also be given a free domain name & other freebies.

Step #2

When your hosting is successful, then sign in to your Ipage account with your username and password.

Installing WordPress on Ipage Account

Sign in to your account

Step #3

If you are now on the Control Panel, Under the “Website” section, locate and click the WordPress Icon. If you encounter any warning, just ignore and click continue.

Installing WordPress on Ipage Account

Click WordPress

Step #4

At this point, you’ll be redirected to Mojo Marketplace to do the 1-click installation.

Installing WordPress on Ipage Account

Setting up a Database

Step #5

On the next page, simply click the “Start” button to start the installation since you’re running WordPress on your domain for the first time.

Installing WordPress on Ipage Account

Click the Start button


Step #6

Next, you will need to choose the domain where you intend to install WordPress. Don’t forget to click the “Check Domain” button to see if the domain is ready for installation. See image below.

Installing WordPress on Ipage Account

Select the domain for your Installation


Step #7

Lastly, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box and click the “Install Now”
button to run the installation.

Installing WordPress on Ipage Account

Click the Install Now button

When you’ve finish installing WordPress on your Ipage account, the username and Password to login to your blog will be shown to you on the preceding page after installation.

Launching your new Blog

You can then go and type in your domain on your browser.

When you've finish installing WordPress on your Ipage account - Login form

Login to your WordPress site

When you first go to install you should be presented with an ‘auto install feature’ which will ask you for the title of the blog and your email address.

Once you have followed the instructions, your WordPress blog will be created automatically for you.

Now it’s time to change the theme (Template) and start posting useful articles. You may watch this short video clip for ideas on how to post on your WordPress blog.

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That’s it for the basic WordPress installation!!! Now you know how to create a Self Hosted blog. It wasn’t that hard was it?

If you have been following this tutorial from the beginning, I want to personally welcome you on board. Now, feel free to ask your questions using the comment box below.


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