Opportunity to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Online Business Opportunity in Nigeria.

Why look for a Job when you can make money Online Blogging?

Welcome! My name is Victor Ikani. I’m a Blogger, Website Developer, SEO Specialist and an Online business consultant. I have been blogging for years now and I have been earning my income right from my home office.

Now, Have you been looking for ways to make money online? Online business is one of the most lucrative venture you can start with little or no capital at the comfort of your home.

online business in Nigeria

You’re indeed lucky to be here because I would teach you the same secret that has made me never to search for jobs again ever since I resigned from my previous job when I discovered this online business opportunity.

Let’s get started:

Success, most times, requires hard work, persistence and ability to grab opportunities with both hands when it surfaces. Often times, few people respond to money making opportunities like this swiftly when it comes around knocking. I hope you won’t let this opportunity to slip out of your hands this time.

This reminds me of a man I met through Nairaland sometime ago who lost his job due to the recession in the country of Nigeria. He was laid off after serving his company for more than 10 years. I had pity on him. So I invited him to my office and introduced him to this SAME online business opportunity I’m about unleashing.

He saw the opportunity and took immediate action. Within two months, he came back with his wife to show me his first earnings and also to show appreciation… Below was his affiliate first earning screenshot he shared with my mentees on the Mentorship WhatsApp group that evening. I was very happy for him. This is the major reason why I have decided to help as many people as possible especially students, unemployed and the underpaid graduates through this platform (free).

online business opportunity - make money online
His first Affiliate earning screenshot

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Now, I have decided to share with you this same online business opportunity for FREE. I’ll be glad if you can start it right now.

Here are the areas I am going to be covering in this free guide.

3 Ways to Make Money Online.

Well, there are several ways to make money online in Nigeria but most of these methods will require a blog to get started. If you don’t have a blog yet, don’t worry, I have the solution at the end of this guide for free. Just keep reading to have an idea of this online business you are about to start.

1 Affiliate Marketing.

This has to do with getting paid an agreed amount of money (commission) for any company’s product you sell or refer someone to buy through your blog. This is the most lucrative online business in Nigeria that most bloggers including me earn a lot from every month. Now, suppose you refer up to 300 of your blog visitors to buy a product for $60. Let’s assume you get paid 50% commission for every successful purchase made through your referral link. Your commission for the 300 referrals will be 300 X $30 = $9,000. When converted into our Local currency (Naira), that would be about N3.3 Million Naira ($9,000 x 365) a month. You now see reasons why I can never advise anyone to look for a job where they hardly pay up to 100k a month.

Through this method alone, most of my mentees make their living and still have time to do other things they love to do. Below is a screenshot of one of my accounts on CJ displaying my earnings for this year so far (as at Jan. 3rd, 2019).

online business opportunity - make money online in nigeria
My Affiliate Earnings.

2. Google AdSense

AdSense is a program owned by Google which pays you for every click on the adverts they placed on your blog or website. Google AdSense pay as high as 3-10 Dollars per click (Depending on the advertiser) The programs also pay you for impression (which means you can also earn when people visit your blog without even clicking the adverts placed on your blog). This now makes Google AdSense one of the most lucrative online business in Nigeria and best ways to make money in Nigeria. As a blogger, most times, I earn as high as 30-100 Dollars a day from one of my blogs. You too can do it!!!

E.g See My AdSense earning Screenshots below. Earnings from one of my Technology blogs (Click to preview)

Earning Proofs:

See screenshots of my mentees that are earning already through Google AdSense and others that just got approved for AdSense program lately.

3. CPA Programs

CPA program is similar to Affiliate Marketing but the difference between this and affiliate marketing is that affiliate requires you to make a sale to earn but CPA (Cost per Action) pays you for every action your blog visitors take. For instance, if you refer people to watch a video, take a survey, subscribe to newsletters, download software or mobile apps etc.

How To Get Started.

The opportunities to make money online in Nigeria are endless. You can start this right away by entering your email in the box below to proceed to the next stage immediately.

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Victor Ikani

Victor Ikani is an award-winning website developer, SEO Specialist and entrepreneur. He loves sharing tips on various ways to make money online easily without stress. Would you like him to mentor you? CLICK HERE to get started.


  1. Please help me,am very interested,how can I go about it please?,if it is possible to see you one on one for training,I will be so glad,please i have being dreaming to have a money spinning blog

    1. Hello Promise, it has always been my dream to share this knowledge with people for FREE… You’ll automatically become a member when you follow the process after entering your email in that box. I’ll be expecting you.

      1. am interested, just send me your number so I can reach you or add me up in whatsup on 08032303114. am waiting!

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