Are you ready to Make Quick Money with Fiverr today and generate $1,000 or more from it by simply following some steps which I have described below?

If you are willing to know, I am here to provide you complete details about how and which steps you need to become a full time money maker on Fiverr by simply working 2 to 3 hours a day.

Yes it’s quite pretty enough time to make thousands or more than it easily. What I am going to cover in this topic?

  1. Introduction (a little bit about it)
  2. How to Create Effective Account
  3. What Gigs to Sell
  4. How to Create Effective Gigs
  5. Secret Idea to Rank Gig to Get Immediate Result

Just an overview How much can you make?making quick money through fiverr

This is one of my friend account who just started out working and by continuous hard work, he can easily achieve $1,000 a month goal.

Let me make it clear to you, You are not going to make thousands by this month, even it can take some more time since there is huge competition now as every single person is joining it. But still, if you really follow the tips I will share you in this post, I am sure you are going to make huge amount of money on monthly basis.

#1: Introduction to Make Quick Money with Fiverr:

For just an overview, Fiverr is a freelancing platform that allows Sellers (freelancer) to sell digital services and Buyers to buy from the. Services offered on it are called “Gigs” which initially starts from $5 (Fiverr reserves 20% from it and pays you $4 for each gig sold).

There are Three Levels for Sellers:

1st level – You can unlock once you generate 10 sales in a month and remain active.

2nd level – You can unlock once you sale 50 sales within 2 months and remain active.

Top Rated Seller – A super level that is unlocked with continuous quality with 100% positive feedback.

Each time you unlock any level, you are rewarded with additional extra features. Such as, adding extras, higher ranking, more trust and more buyers, etc.

So, you see how much potential there is in the market now and Fiverr has grown up and introduced so many features more. It is becoming the top biggest platform to make money quickly. I think this is all about what I need to say, further you can read about it on Wikipedia.

OK! Now let’s move how you can setup a fantastic profile and get better results.

#2: How to Create Effective Account:

There are few things you need to consider when joining and setting up account. Considering them is really important since you want better results and better effects on buyers. Here they are.

Things to Avoid:

  • Don’t create profile using proxy to show you as American or British. People do it to get good results but it doesn’t really make any sense, if you are good in service and provide your best, even an Asian can earn thousands.
  • Don’t Abuse anyone.
  • Don’t be late in completing orders.
  • Don’t mention your email or provide any direct contact information. You will be banned forever.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts. 1 is enough for a single person.
  • Don’t create useless Gigs that you can’t do. Further I am going to discuss what are hot which you should offer.

Things You Must Do:

  • Use your original name or niche related username.
  • Connect Social Profiles
  • Set security questions
  • Upload a simple and smiling face profile picture.
  • Give a brief introduction, who are you, what you do and you are offering.
  • Give a story line tag under your name on profile page. I will show how to do it. It is just a short line expressing your work.

Setting Up Now:

Open and click on “Join” as shown to make quick money on fiverr

  • Now enter your username. Make sure you enter a good username.

Tip: If you are looking for great exposure, create a niche specific username something like graphicsexperts, wordpressdeveloper, seospecialist, etc.

  • Now head over to your email account and activate your profile.

OK! Now that your account is activated. You are ready to make quick money with fiverr. Just some more things you need to do immediately to get your account protected and make 100%.

Go to settings and set your security question so no one can hack/change/withdraw etc.

Now, Fill your complete and connect your social networking Profiles such as Facebook and Google+ with your account. So, when it appears on your profile page, it gives a good impact to buyer as you are a trusted person who is a real and can do work very well. However it’s my thinking but it is considered. Also, this is the step to make your profile 100% completed.

Upload a smiling face profile picture that attracts buyers that you are happily providing service and a good image always leaves good impact. Just upload and give a brief introduction of yourself who you are and what you are doing.

#3: What Gigs to Sell:

The most important question of this post and you must be thinking about it now. So, I will define it in simplest way.

First Evaluate Yourself: To really make make quick money on Fiverr, you’ll have to sit down and evaluate yourself. What is the best thing you can do? Writing? Data Entry? Graphical Work? Such as Logo, Cover, Flyer, Banners, Mockups, etc or Programming? Such as Web Development, Software development, WordPress Development, Web Designing, CSS fixing etc. There are many things but you need to analyze what you can do best. Then simply search the trends on the site to check if there is exposure in the service you are going to offer. However there are some of the hot and tested Gigs of mine I would like to share here.

Logo Designing: The most important and hot one you can try and offer. One of my friends made $12,000 with just six months. I also tested for three days and here is the response I got and this is just first day when I published my gig. I ended this gig in 3 days when I had made $150 with it.

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