Do you wish to learn how to start a blog using WordPress and make money? This tutorial is sure to guide you on how to start a Self-hosted WordPress blog and monetize it easily without paying anyone to create it for you. The steps outlined here are straight forward and easy to follow. While using this guide, if you come across anything that seems to be unclear to you, kindly drop it on the comment box and I will attend to it shortly.

How to start a blog on WordPress

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  1. Choose a good niche
  2. Pick a good domain name
  3. Purchase a hosting Plan
  4. Install WordPress software to your hosting account
  5. Start publishing valuable posts on your blog
  6. Monetize your blog with AdSense and Affiliate Program
  7. Start getting Traffic to your blog
  8. Cash your earnings to your bank account

1. Choose a perfect Niche

high paying blog niche ideas for bloggersLet me explain what a niche is for the sake of newbies, Niche simply means the area or industry you intend to blog about. Eg. Fashion, Technology, Finance, Relationship, Health & Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Education etc. Hope you understand? Now, one of the major mistakes new bloggers make is going into a niche they know nothing about. Remember, you’re not creating a blog just to earn some cool cash rather, see it as a platform where you show your skills and people will see you as an expert in that field. So choose a niche you’re passionate about. When you have decided on the niche, this should take you to the next stage which is getting a domain name for your new blog.

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2. Pick a good Domain Name:

how to start a blog

A good domain name has a major role to play in your blogging business. A domain name is the address (URL) that links to your blog e.g “”, “” etc. Ensure you choose a domain name that has at least a keyword related to your niche for SEO sake. The domain name should also be short and memorable.

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3. Buy a Hosting Package

starting a blog

Your next plan is to invest in a good hosting package and a domain name. Before you buy a hosting plan, ensure the hosting company is recommended by WordPress; first decide on a domain name to register alongside your hosting. Some hosting companies allow you to register your domain name for free when buying a hosting plan. InterServer & Namecheap are one of such companies that do that. If you will be using Namecheap to host your blog, I advise you to start with their basic plan pending when you start making money from your blog before upgrading.

4. Install WordPress

how to start a blog

Remember, I promised to make this tutorial as straight-forward as possible. Now once your hosting is successful and ready for use right? it is time tostart installing WordPress to the account. Installing WordPress is very easy on Namecheap web hosting account likewise Interserver. If you hosted on Namecheap, then the video tutorial below should guide you through the process on how to setup WordPress.

Setting up WordPress on NameCheap web hosting:

You may watch this video to learn how to Install WordPress on FatCow account or continue reading if you don’t like it.

If you haven’t gotten a hosting account yet,  then use the link below to get a Namecheap hosting offer and start installing WordPress immediately.

After successful installation of WordPress, you need to give your new blog a nice template called theme. You may start with any of the free themes on the blog by clicking Themes under Appearance Menu on the dashboard.

5. Write and Publish Articles

I’m glad you finally made it to this stage; at this point you need to start filling up your new blog with contents related to your niche. I always hear new bloggers make comments like “I can’t write” “I am not a writer” etc. Honestly, you must not be a writer to blog, Your writing skills will improve over time with practice. All you need right now is the ability to make research and rewrite what you’ve learnt from your research work. That’s all. It is not difficult. But in case you need a writer to help you out with articles to fill up your new blog, then get in touch with my writer.

6. Monetize your blog

There are several ways to monetize your blog; we have affiliate programs, Contextual Ads e.g. Google AdSense, CPA programs and selling your services.

Affiliate Marketing has to do with getting commission from every sale made through your referral link on your blog. There are several affiliate networks you can join. I’ll implore you to start with one program at a time.

NB: Please don’t apply until your blog is fully setup else, they’ll deny you approval. And always read their policy, Terms and conditions before joining any programs.

Here are the most popular affiliate networks you can join immediately though, some of them don’t accept Nigerians but if you need the tricks on how to go about it, kindly indicate interest using the comment box.

  1. Commission Junction by Conversant (
    This is probably where you should start from as a new affiliate marketer who have keen interest in affiliate marketing. Commission Junction (cj) is one of the most popular affiliate network in the world. Guess what! They accept Nigerians. I have personally made alot of money through this network by just promoting virtual products on my blog. Below is a screenshot of my account on CJ displaying my accrued earnings for the month so far.My Cj Earning proof - Affiliate marketingCommission Junction pays their affiliates on the 21st of every month through cheques and Bank Deposit (Payoneer) when you reach or exceeded the $50 threshold.
  4. Amazon Affiliate
  5. (For health niches)

Google AdSense: Google AdSense is a contextual ad network owned by Google. This program allows publishers to earn money from their blogs and websites by serving automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. So far, AdSense is the best ad paying network. Before you apply to this program, ensure you meet their requirements before applying. Read Google AdSense policy here.

Below is my AdSense Earnings from one of my 6 months Technology blogs.

7. Getting Traffic to your blog

Traffic is very important as this will have effect on your earnings. Once your blog is ready and monetized, use Social media to drive traffic to your new blog. Also remember to optimize your blog for SEO once it is fully setup.

8. How to Withdraw your Earnings

Most affiliate networks accept PayPal as a means of payment but if you’re a Nigerian like me, you may use the same method I use in withdrawing both my affiliate and Google AdSense earnings right to my bank account. It’s called Payoneer. With a Payoneer account, you can easily receive payments & access your funds anywhere. Practically, all the major Affiliate networks and AdSense pay their publishers and partners via Payoneer. Once you create the account, you’ll be sent an ATM card which looks like what you’re seeing below with which you will use to withdraw your earnings from any ATM machines around you.

payoneer card sample

Payoneer Card Sample

Aside Payoneer and PayPal, you can also withdraw your earnings using Wire Transfer, Western Union, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin and etc depending on the affiliate networks.

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