Tips on How to create a professional Blog

When I look at some popular blogs, they have similar features. Their blog designs all look nice, neat, professional and easy to browse. We cannot deny that a good and attractive design adds credibility to your blog and it’s always advantageous to make a good first impression. So if you are planning to create blog and do affiliate marketing. Invest in your blog/website design, it’s one of the keys to attract visitors, build trust and eventually earn money through blogging.

Wait! In one of my previous post, I shared a Step by Step guide on how to start a blog in 45 Minutes. If you haven’t started your blog yet, I’ll strongly advise you to start from here

How to Make a Visually Appealing Blog Design

First, make a draft of your desired layout, structure of pages, and the navigation of your site. Yes, sketch it manually on a paper before you put them in the to create blog professionally

Consider your audience. The color tone and design should be according to their taste and friendly to the eyes and easy to browse. If it is a gadget blog, it is better to set in techy design. If it is for the health and beauty niche, use colors that are appealing to women.

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Remember that people usually read from left to right and top to bottom so we will look first instantly at the upper left corner. Place the buttons there for fluid navigation.

Decide on what complementary colors will you use for the site. Some colors just do not go well together, so consult an expert with a color palette tool to give you the right color combination.

It is better to use high resolution photos for your blog to get that professional look. You might have to invest in a high tech camera or a good mobile with good resolution when your content often needs pictures to go with it.

When you have fully launched your blog, let your family or friends test it again and again until it’s perfect. You might have missed something important or they could have better suggestions to improve your blog design.

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With great design and relevant content, expect an increase in the number of visitors. For when they find your blog useful, easy to browse and pleasant to the eyes, they will put their trust in you and in your affiliate ads. People will see and appreciate that you go the extra mile because you spend time, effort and maybe some money to give them that customer satisfaction through your blog design and content.

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