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Freelance Content Writer for Hire

Looking for a Freelance content writer for hire? Hi! I am Lydia Akhimien by name. The chief founder of Lily Love Affairs and a freelance writer available for hire. Some of my core roles are copy-writing, proof-reading, Structural & Sub-editing, Ghost-writing (Memoir, fiction and non-fiction), advising on writing projects, and writing comprehensive and original content of any category.

freelance content writer for hire
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You will all agree with me that the world at large has increasingly gone digital. That means anyone who desires to stand out in career or in business in this present age, must be a committed leader to great online and offline marketing. This you can do by reaching out to your targeted audience via websites, blogs, magazines, and through any other various online platform like the Wikipedia. All these customers generating means are invalid without good compelling contents.

Hire Freelance Content Writer for Your Website.

Website owners are supposed to be getting a constant flow of customers/clients through free traffic, referrals, and loyal site users. But why are some website owners not really enjoying these benefits? Well, the answer is not far-fetched. It is basically due to the actions of the website owner. You being the owner might just be too busy to do the needful like updating the site regularly or when the demands of creating contents outstrip your abilities. You could have a visual of how your website should look like but being unable to make it a reality. Generating constant good contents relating to the site domain is hard not to crack for many, thereby unintentionally abandons the site. The great effect of this is losing your potential customers to other website owners who might have the same challenges as you do but decides to avert the situation by hiring a freelance content writer who can keep on with the move of generating and retaining clients.

Freelance Content Writer for Blogs.

Blogging is another way of selling yourself, being famous and making cool cash even if you do it as a leisure activity. But unfortunately, many have given up on blogging due to time-factor, some tag it “Complete Wastage”, some have turned ‘Robot’ without any growth, others have spent years without being able to get Google AdSense approval which ordinarily shouldn’t take more than two weeks to get. And again, many blogs account have been banned. Though some courageous bloggers continue with the goal, even when no one visits the blog-just suffering and smiling. Now if you fall into any of these categories, then permit me to tell that the best time to hire a freelance content writer is now!

Do you want to feature in any of the top magazines in the country as a means of advertising your goods and services? Do you wish the public to read about you on magazines? Or you have something educative, social, religious or informative to share with the world? Hiring a freelance writer will be your best option here because these several types of magazines have standards and criteria for publishing any article. It’s not what one can just dabbles into simply for his or her ability to spell and speak grammars.

Wikipedia Writing Services.

Wikipedia has one of the most numerous users in the world. Even without running your premium site advert, it generates you free traffic by bringing people to your site for any related search topics on your website or blog. Of course, you are aware that there are approximately millions of sites in the universe. Hence, it’s impossible for Wikipedia to suggest all the sites for users. There aren’t partial in their dealings;  your content writing just needs to be standardized to their requirement. This is one way many people who think they can personally handle their articles writing have failed. Why not implore the services of a professional freelance writer today while you sit back to reap the harvest?

 My Writing Portfolio.

Being a professional freelance content writer, I have written different categories of articles that featured in Punch, City People, and Yes magazines. I write original compelling articles on fashion, health, news, technology, online marketing, e-commerce, Relationship and other diversified areas. These contents have been published on several websites and blogs such as Nollytech, Lily Love Affairs, and a whole lot more with the ability to show on the first page of Google SERPs.

Freelance Writer for Hire.

I am the best choice for your content writing services because writing is both to me a skill and a craft. I actually started writing short stories at the age of 10 and over the years with more study, I built a career in writing. What makes me so outstanding among other claimed content writers is my ability to write before the deadline, technical proficiency, awesome creativeness, good curiosity in knowing my client’s aims and objectives thereby giving you an edge over your competitors.

freelance writer for hire


The articles rate is not outrageous. The charges are very affordable for any class of persons and there is room for consideration because I am flexible. Making my customers smile is one of my priorities.

How to Order?

Thank you for taking your time to read it to this stage. Now to order for any of my services, kindly drop your request in the comment box below or simply call/WhatsApp via +234 (0) 817-992-4446.

See you there!

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