Are you ready to setup your blog or website? Choosing a good domain name can be a challenge sometimes especially when you don’t have the right information. I have seen several blogs on the internet with potentials to grow, but their only limiting factor was their choice of the domain name. A good domain name is worth investing on. Have you ever asked yourself why companies spend fortune just to find and acquire a domain name?

In case you don’t know, a domain name has a major role to play in your blog especially if you want it to rank faster on search engines and get free traffic on the long run. If you make mistake in choosing the wrong domain, it can be detrimental to your blog’s growth and search engine ranking when you try changing it later. That’s why it’s very important that you choose the best domain name from the onset to avoid future regret.

Before deciding on the domain name to register, kindly take your time and run through these domain name tips for ideas on how to choose that perfect domain name for your blog and register it affordably


1. Use your target keyword

Keywords play a vital role when choosing a domain name. Your target keyword tells search engines what your website is all about and thereby giving you better chances to rank higher than your competitors.

Try using keywords that describe your niche. For instance, if your niche is on health, you may want to use terms or words that best describe your niche. For instance, here are examples of domain names on health niche ‘’ or ‘’. Hope you get the point?

Most of the time, it may be very difficult to find a domain name with your keyword that is still available. Therefore, you need to be creative and try combining other keywords to make yours unique.

2. Keep it short and Simple

A short domain name is really the way to go. If your domain name is too complex and long, you risk your readers and visitors mistyping your website address each time they want to visit your site. In as much as keyword is important, don’t overdo it and make it too lengthy.Find and register a good domain name

3. Always use the (.com) extension

We highly recommend the dot-com (.com) extension for the sake of your blog users. There are lots of new domain extensions available now. Aside from the usual .com, .net, .org to something like .tech, .guru, .finance, .photography etc. Don’t be tempted to use any of these extensions when choosing a good domain name for your blog. Most internet users are very familiar with the original .com extension.

4. Research it

To avoid losing your domain name in the future, ensure the new domain name is not in any way close to a product trademark or copyrighted.

5. Use Correct English and phrase

The domain name you intend using should be grammatically correct and have the right phrases. Also, avoid using figures or digits. Because, your readers might mistook it for words. For example, when you use this (, your readers might mistakenly type in the following ( and may eventually land on your competitor’s website.

6. Register the Domain name

Having gotten ideas on how to choose a good domain name for your new site, It’s time to check if it is still available for your use. You may now search and register your domain name on NameCheap If it’s available for as low as $10 without delay. In case, it’s already taken, don’t worry; keeping search until you gets something perfect to register.

If you have any question or comment, Kindly drop it on the comment box below and I will attend to it shortly.

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