If you are planning towards marketing your skills on Fiverr in order to make extra money for yourself, then follow this tutorial. This tutorial is specially written for my guys out there who want to monetize their skills online. If this is your first time on this blog, please consider starting from here:  How to Make Quick Money on Fiverr

Use High Quality Image or Video (Showing “Exclusively on Fiverr” written

Always use a high quality image that attracts buyers towards your services you are offering. Design it clean and superb expressing everything you want but must look professional.

Complete and Killer Description:

According to my point of view, it matter 80%. The more significant and complete it will be, the more are the chances to get more customers. Alright what you really need to make it superb? You have to write everything first you are offering, secondly describe why your service is unique and better than anyone else? What will they get in $5? Share some of your previous excellent experience.

Now divide them into categories.

  • What Will You Get in $5?
  • What Bonuses I am Offering for Free
  • Why Chose Me
  • Contact me

These are super convertible description which has worked very well in my case studies.

Proper Tags:

Mostly people miss this part but believe me this is very important factor. Always chose the right tags that fit to what you are providing.

Time Duration: Always chose the best time duration in which you can easily deliver your project. However I prefer to set for 1 day in earlier days and when you start getting back to back orders, just increase it.

Configure Extras: However I have seen in new profile that you can setup 2 Extras or 1 Extra (not sure). You can configure it if you got the option.

#5: Secret Ideas to Rank to Get Immediate Result:

Here comes the most important and hot subject as how you can grow and get fastest results. There are more than 1 millions services being offered by thousands of sellers now. How will you beat them and come up to make your standing among them? Here are some simple steps you need to do.

Copy Title of Ranked Gigs:

Just search what you are offering, copy titles of first 5 items, write it and create a new one with combination of these. You can also set the same title as one of your competitors is using.

Use Killer Image:

Use a better image than them, this will make you unique. There are many psd files available on internet for your specific product you can use a good one.

Copy Tags:

This is one of most secret thing, just open the gigs of your competitor, check what tags they are using, just copy and use them. You can find tags here.find-tags

Immediately Get 3 to 4 Orders (Hot and Most Important):

Here comes the secret formula to rank fiverr gigs fast. Just create, give some views by sharing, and ask someone to order. You will only lose $1 for single order but you will get immediate rating and feedback which are most important. As the new buyers looks into your previous work you have done and once they find something good, chances are high to get fast results. (This was my secret method I applied on my logo designing and you can see result above).

This was all but there are things to cover which I will share in next posts. However Blogging is also an effective way to generate passive income online. Read how you can start a blog and earn.

Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed reading out how you can make quick money with Fiverr by just working a little bit on Fiverr and I hope everything is cleared to you. Happy Earnings. Would you do a favor of just sharing it across all social networks? Thanks in advance. However if you are facing any issues, do contact me and I will help you out. Stay blessed.

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