Have you been in the lookout for blog niche ideas that make money? Niche research is the first and the most important factors that should be considered before starting a blog.  Finding the right niche ideas for your blog will determine the failure or success of the blog.

So now, the big questions always asked by newbies are;” How do you know that you have found the right niche? or how do you get the right niche?” There is a general advice you usually get when sourcing for answers on the right choice of niche or when a newbie is confused and needs to be clarified about niche selection. What you get is simply a generic answer like;


It’s really funny the way some advice newbies to go follow niche that they are passionate about and run with it, instead of telling them or giving them great blog niche ideas even if it’s a few lists of some niches that are working and making money right. Does it now mean that a blogger cannot decide to blog about the niche they are passionate about?

No that’s not what I mean, of course, you can go and blog about the niche you are most passionate about, but what if the niche that you are passionate to blog about is not lucrative, does not have enough product to promote or does not have enough audience for the niche.

Before we delve into the blog niche ideas in this post, note that it’s good to blog about the niche you love, have enough knowledge about or you are passionate about, there’s no doubt about that because it makes the work enjoyable all the way. But the downside is the business part of it, except that you just want to pick this blog niche that you are most passionate about and start running with them just to catch fun, then maybe one day it may start rewarding you.


But if you are planning to venture into blogging for the money making part of it, then you need to stick to the list of proven niche ideas that has been tested that I will be listing below. But before then, a brief guide on how niche selection and blogging works.high paying blog niche ideas for bloggers

Find a niche with large interest base or large audience interested in that niche, create quality content around it, monetizes it either with Contextual ads (Google AdSense) or Affiliate marketing. Find were the audience do hang out and put your blog right into their eyeballs.


What are people actually looking for in this niche?

When it comes to niche selection, you need to really understand what kind of people are in the niche. What they are looking for or what they are in need of.  So if you can fill in the gap of need for this audience in this niche, they will be more than willing to perform any task that will reward you in return.

All that people want is a solution to their problems. If you can show them how to be a better version of themselves.

Now with all that been said, here are the 7 Read Hot:

Blog niche ideas for newbies.

  • Personal finance:

This niche is large depending on the root you want to blog about, the niche is almost the same as the first one, teaching people how to save their money, invest money and spend wisely.

personal finance

Image source: CanStockPhoto.

People in this are mostly salary earners that live from paycheck to paycheck, so they are desperate about saving, investing and increasing their income. So position yourself as an authority in this niche, and create that successful blog of your dream.

  • Health and fitness:

Health and fitness is a very tricky niche because you can get a ton of traffic from it, but it can be very difficult to monetize if you don’t know what you are doing.

The best approach to take in this niche is affiliate marketing, and a nice link to help them find solution to their problems from Amazon with a decent traffic will do wonders because people are constantly looking for solutions to one problem to another.

  • Food:

Here’s another top blog niche ideas for bloggers. This niche can be very terribly difficult to monetize because people are not searching to buy anything, rather they are searching for recipes. The best approach is to build a large audience and put ads to supplement the business.

  • Beauty and Fashion:

This niche is one of my favourite, because not just that you will make money, but you will also gain access to cool events and get to mingle with top influencers in the Beauty and Fashion industry.

The problem though is that it’s HARD. Unlike other niches that really rely on a great written content, Beauty and Fashion niche is more reliant on your personality and your ability to continuously get yourself out there.

  • Lifestyle:

This is one of the hardest niche to describe, because it’s very broad. Some blogger are really getting it wrong. They think that they can just write about anything of their lives, which is not the case. This niche is very broad as I said earlier; take a look at some of these sub-niches.

  1. Gardening
  2. Homesteading (huge)
  3. Survival (huge)
  4. Home / outdoor Décor
  5. Organization
  6. Travel.

Well this is not all the sub-niche, but these are the sub-niches that I will definitely create a blog around. So writing content about anything in this niche rather than targeting one sub-niche, is like you are deceiving yourself and wasting your time.

  • Personal Development:

Just like lifestyle blog, personal development blog is hard, because people in this niche don’t just search for a specific problem.


With personal development, you need to be very specific about what problem you are helping people solve. For example, you might say something like:

  • I can help you kick your procrastination Habit. Or
  • I will help you overcome you depression. etc

So as you may have it, these are my Red hot list of blog niche ideas that anyone can venture into and start creating value to start seeing the money even when you are sleeping. So grab one of those niches that suite your need or desire and start running with it. Good luck.

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