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20 Top Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2020 (The Ultimate List)

There are hundreds of niches to choose from. This makes it confusing for you, especially if you cannot come up with any blog niche ideas, or when a thousand and one ideas are running in your head.

I am here to help you choose a perfect niche if you cannot come up with any blog niche ideas. I would walk you through the steps of selecting a blog niche, and I will also give you the ultimate list of 20 blog niche ideas that makes money.

Before you jump right at any blog niche, you should:

  • Choose a blog niche you’re passionate about: choosing a blog niche you’re passionate about is what sustains your interest in blogging, especially when you start making a substantial amount of money from blogging. I once had a blogger friend who does not believe in blogging for passion, but the money. Yeah, he made money from blogging quite alright, he made just enough money to quit blogging and start-up something much more enjoyable. For you, blogging on a passionate niche idea should be the ‘much more interesting thing’ you’re willing to give a life-long commitment to.
  • Put your audience into consideration: while thinking about blog niche ideas you’re passionate about, you should also consider your audience. Your topics and contents should be interesting enough to attract and sustain their attention and make them coming back to your blog for more.
  • Be an expert in your chosen niche: you should research thoroughly about your chosen niche to make you an expert. You should have it at the back of your mind that your audience is seeking for help, answers, and solutions. You should be knowledgeable enough to provide your audience with what they need to make them keep coming back for more.
  • Be specific and plan for your future: if you’re focusing on a broad niche like health, you should focus on an aspect of it, say diet, nutrition, and supplement, or Herbal remedies. You will be amazed at the size of the audience available for each sub-niche.
  • You should plan for the future and come up with at least 50 topics to write on. You should bear in mind that your audience will keep checking back on your blog for regular updates.

I have carefully selected the top 20 blog niche ideas that can make you money.

20 Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money

1. Finance

Blog niche ideas - personal finance
photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels

Business and Finance is one of the popular blog niche ideas you can try your hands on. There are several blog niche ideas in the Finance niche you can choose from. However, to be successful in this niche, you have to acquire a degree of financial education. You can focus on any of the below sub-niches in Finance:

  • Personal Finance and financial independence
  • Insurance and savings
  • Pensions savings and retirement plans
  • Family budget

2. ‘How to make money online.’

This is a niche growing in popularity. Of recent, more people are looking to abandon their 9 to 5 routine for other routines that give them the time and flexibility they need for their family. You can blog about blogging, affiliate marketing, remote working, and any other topic that promises to give your audience the financial freedom they desire so much.

Some of the popular blogs in this niche include

3. Health

Health is a universal topic more people are willing to connect with. However, it can be quite a tricky niche to work on because it’s an extensive niche to work on.

However, one of the best blog niche ideas that always work for health is affiliate marketing. You can connect with health companies to market their products on your blog or join Amazon’s affiliate program.

Other sub-niches you can focus on include

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Traditional medicine and herbal remedies
  • Wellness
  • Mental health
  • Skincare

4. Fitness

Blog Niche Ideas - Fitness

The fitness niche is a sub-niche of Health niche presently worth billions of dollars. You can be sure of a regular flow of traffic to your blog if you choose to blog on fitness because more people are searching online for fitness programs they can engage in at home without the need for instructors, or gym equipment.

5. Fashion and Beauty

The Fashion and beauty niche is one of the blog niche ideas that can earn you your dream 6-digit income. This niche is for you if you have much love for fashion, and you have tons of beauty tips to offer your readers, and you have no issues with photo-shooting.

You can make money from this niche by promoting fashion and beauty products, or just writing on trending fashion topics.

Examples of top fashion blogs you can check out include We Wore What, Girl With curves, Lovely in LA, etc.

6. Food

If you’re passionate about cooking, and you have mouth-watering recipes, then you can venture out on this niche as a blogger. You can use social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and other platforms to reach out to a broader audience about your amazing recipes.

One of the Sub-niches you can focus on include Baking, food trends, cuisines, cooking, recipes, etc.

Amazing food blogs you can check out include Cookie and Kate, ‘I am a food blog,’ Serious Eats, etc.

7. Travel and Tourism

Do you love travelling? Are you adventurous? If you answer yes to my questions, then this niche is for you. As a travel blogger, you must be able to document every of your adventure and experience in vivid ways that wake up the imagination of your readers.

Travel & Tourism
Photo by Haley Black

This niche has interesting blog niche ideas that bring lots of fun into your life as a travel blogger. Depending on your personality, you can focus on sub-niches such as Adventure travel, visiting the scariest places in the world, travelling to third-world countries, Budget travelling, etc.

8. Parenting

Are you a successful parent? Do you have time-proven parenting tips to benefit others? Are you a lover of children? Or, a stay-at-home parent? You can help others become successful parents by blogging about parenting.

You can blog about raising kids from birth to adolescent, special needs for adolescent males and females, pregnancy and childbirth, etc.

If you’re not sure how to go about starting a successful parenting blog, you can check out some of the parenting blogs below

9. Amazon Niche Blogs/Affiliate marketing

Amazon Niche blog is a trending way of making money from blogging.

In most cases, it involves writing reviews on Amazon products and providing links to the Amazon products you’re reviewing. For every click and purchase made on Amazon through your links, you earn a commission. Asides amazon, you can join Shopify’s affiliate marketing, eBay, and other popular online stores.

A famous example of Amazon Niche Blog is Wirecutter, sold to the New York Times for $30 million by Brian Lam.

10. Home Décor

Interior Décor is one of the trending blog niche ideas grossing an average of $6,000 monthly through Adsense and Affiliate marketing programs.

More people are looking for means of improving and adding unique touches to their home without having to hire interior décor. You can blog about interior or exterior décor ideas, party decors, etc. and also give constant tips about DIY projects.

As a home décor blogger, you make use of social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to reach out to more audiences with amazing DIY interior décor projects.

Popular blogs in this niche include Wit&Delight, EyeSwoon, Old Brand New, etc.

Read this also: How To Start A Blog Business To Make Money

11. Lifestyle

If you’re a social media savvy person, then the lifestyle blog is for you. As a successful blogger in this niche, you should be able to combine more than one blog niche ideas in ways that connect with your audience. Also, as a lifestyle blogger, you can choose to focus on sub-niches like college kids, new moms, pet lovers, etc.


A trending example of Lifestyle blog is the million-dollar mama, which focuses on a wide range of topics like blogging, travelling, fashion, food, etc.

12. Education

The education niche is one of the trending blog niche ideas with stiffer competition, but still with enough room for growth and success as a new blogger. You can blog about admission requirements, top Universities in the world, scholarship opportunities (quite a popular sub-niche to blog about), or even help your audience in deciding what course to pursue, and several sub-niches.

You can also provide quality educational resources for students and teachers alike, science fair projects, O’levels and A’levels exam bodies, etc.

You can also use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram in garnering audience to your blog.

Why not check through the popular education blogs below for an idea on how to start an education blog?

13. Technology niche

The Technology niche is one of the highly competitive blog niche ideas that can generate a decent income for you.

As a technology savvy person, you can blog about several ranges of technological devices. You can come up with troubleshooting advice and techniques for routers, X-box, apps, etc. you can also focus on cybersecurity as a sub-niche, gaming, networking, software review, etc.

To be successful in this competitive niche, you need to regularly post quality content that solves problems and offer valuable advice.

Popular blogs in this niche include Secureblitz, TechCrunch, Mashable, ReadWrite, etc.

14. Entertainment

The arts and entertainment niche is a thriving niche you might want to try out as an entertainment lover. If you’re a movie lover like myself, then you can blog about trending blockbuster movies and actors.

The TV show also makes an exciting sub-niche to blog about. You’re sure of finding like-minded audiences who share the same passion with you. Hence, you can earn money blogging about that aspect of entertainment you’re most passionate about.

Popular blogs in this series include TMZ.com

15. Personal Growth and Development

Personal Development is a niche that focuses on increasing the productivity of others by helping them to become better humans.Blog niche ideas - Personal Development

As a personal development blogger, you can choose to work on any of the following blog niche ideas: self-help, self-confidence, time management, interpersonal skills, overcoming fear, etc.

Notable blogs in this niche include Think Simple Now, Zen Habits, Illuminated Mind, the Art of Non-Conformity, etc.

16. Cryptocurrency

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you can blog about the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world. You can also blog about Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other popular coins, and also provide advice on trading in cryptocurrencies, ICO, etc.

Some of the popular cryptocurrency blogs you can lookup include Invest in Blockchain, Cryptocoinsnews, CoinDesk, etc.

17. Sports

This is when passion becomes rewarding. It is one of the highly-rewarding blog niche ideas you can harness as a sports enthusiast. You can provide the latest news update and sports analysis for the teeming sports enthusiasts out there.

You can harness the universality of sports to garner audiences from across the world and provide updates about the UEFA Champions League and other sporting leagues and activities. If football is not your thing, you can blog on other sporting aspects like Cycling, athletics, Weightlifting, extreme sports, etc.

Popular blogs in the sports niche include the football lab, transfer tavern, football paradise, etc.

18. Relationship and Romance

If you are to research the number of people who head to the internet for relationship advice and tips, you will be amazed. Well, It is one of the blog niche ideas I find quite interesting and amusing.

If counselling is your thing, you can go ahead and start a rewarding relationship blog. You can choose to focus on providing dating guides, blogging about divorce, relationship advice, starting a family together, marital life, etc.

Similar blogs in this niche include the Gottman Relationship Blog, Science of Relationships, Love in 90 days, etc.

19. Gardening

If you’re a lover of green, tools, and dirt, you can get onboard the gardening niche. As an enthusiast, you can blog about organic gardening, urban gardening, growing vegetables, garden tools, rooftop gardening, landscaping, etc.

Blog niche ideas - Gardening
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

To get inspired, you can check out the frustrated gardener, growing family, vertical veg, and other gardening blogs.

20. Gambling

Gambling is a favourite pastime for so many people around the world. If you a gambling enthusiast, you can start a blog that focuses on popular online casinos around the world, RNG, Baccarat, Dice games, football betting, horse racing, etc. A popular gambling site you can check out is the OLBG.

The final word on the blog niche ideas

There are several blog niche ideas you can try out. However, to be able to get a regular flow of traffic to your blog amidst stiff competition, you must make your blog unique and also deliver unique quality content to your audience.


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