6 Methods of how to Make Money blogging

In my previous article; Secrets of Making Money Online, I revealed several ways someone can earn good money online. If you haven’t read it, I strongly encourage you to start from here. Today, I am going to share with you some of the methods you can use to make money blogging.

Nowadays, blogging has become the preferred option for establishing your presence on the web. Blogs provide an insight into the lives of so many people. However, did you know you can also make good money from blogging? Many people now earn part-time and some even full-time salaries by blogging for money. Here are tips on how you can monetize your blog and earn some good money.

how to make money blogging

Starting a Blog for Money

  1. If you’ve not created your blog yet, check this article to learn how to create a professional blog in 45 minutes.

Note: If you really want to make money quickly online without restriction, we don not encourage you to start your blog with Free blogging platforms like blogger or WordPress.com.

  1. After creating the blog, it’s time to start working. Here, you need to put your best foot forward if you really want to make money online. Your posts should make your blog distinct and easily identifiable. If you want to promote a business, add relevant, interesting and fresh posts.

Every day, more and more people are creating blogs, but only a small percentage manage to make money. If you want to earn money through blogging, then you need to stand out and work extra hard. The content should be catchy and the layout has to be extremely good. The layout, themes and templates must be excellent.

How To Make Money Blogging

  1. Contextual ads

Sign up for advertising sites like Chitika, Google AdSense and Kontera to add advertising links to your blog. Every time a reader clicks on the link, view ads or buy something from a sponsor, Google will give a percentage of that revenue. You need to apply to Google AdSense and then wait for acceptance. You will then have to work with your own blog to embed the code so the ads are well displayed. This should not be difficult. You also need to follow Google’s terms of serve in order to maintain good standing. Never click on your own links.

  1. Sell advertising space

Sell advertising spots of your blog to companies. Once you have steady traffic and growing popularity, approach different companies. Offer them advertising space on your blog for specific monthly price. This type of advertising differs from programs like Google Adsence, since Google only pays when someone clicks. Selling ad spots guarantees monthly income.

You can also join paid blog networks and make money by writing for fellow bloggers or promoting their products on your blog. There are many blog sites that will pay a flat fee for writing specific advertisement and link into your blog. If your post is accepted, you’re subsequently paid. Sites like Blogtive, Payperpost or Blogvertise offer these services once your blog has been indexed in search engines.

  1. Affiliate marketing

You can earn good money with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each customer brought through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. You, the Affiliate, must find a high quality product, apply with the product creator for a link through which you will promote his product. Every time someone buys the product through your affiliate link, you get an agreed upon percentage as a commission.

Join affiliate programs like Chikita Mini Malls and Amazon that offer the ability to advertise on your blog.

Also to build a customer or prospect list. This will provide an avenue to keep in touch so you may offer additional products and services. A good method of creating this list is to have customers sign on to a newsletter or free offering attractive enough to encourage them to give you their email address.

Useful Links

  1. CPA offers

Cost Per Action (CPA) is similar to affiliate marketing models. However, you get paid for completing a task for companies and advertisers. The tasks may include having users provide their contact information to receive any future offers or downloading a program to their computers. Just like other promotional methods, all you need to do is select the offer you want to advertise on your blog through hyperlinks or banner ads as provided by the advertiser.

  1. Sell your own products and services

If your bog is able to get a steady amount of traffic, you can always sell your own products and services to your loyal visitors. Just create a trusted relationship with your visitors and then offer them your services such as writing, web design or even photo editing. Impress your potential customers by showing example of your work and you can also try other tactics such as one-time free services to the new visitors.

You can also turn your blog into an e-book. Companies like Apple, Amazon and Smashwords allow authors to self-publish their work on their electronic platforms. Assemble you blog content into an e-book and then advertise the e-book to your blog traffic and social media network to create sales.

  1. Donations

If your readers find your information really valuable, then they might donate some money. Consider adding a way to receive donations from the visitors. Many bloggers have successfully practiced this method, since people generally appreciate valuable information you give to loyal readers free of charge. Some prominent ecommerce sites like Payza and Paypal offer customizable donation button you can place into your blog.

Maintaining your Blog

  1. Update your blog regularly. By keeping the content fresh, this will attract visitors who will keep coming back. The more they come back, the higher the chances of clicking the ads and purchasing advertised goods and services.
  2. Submit your blog to RSS feeds. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an online stream of updates about fresh information generated on the internet. This allows you to attract more readers.
  3. Once you start making money from your blog, increase your earnings by advertising. Promote and advertise your blog in all possible ways. The best, easiest and cheapest way is through social media. You can also promote your blog by trading links and banners with other pro bloggers to increase exposure to your blog.

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